A Thankful Heart

November 16, 2023

With a Thankful Heart (image)

Dear Baylor Family,

In Psalm 95:2 we read, “Let us come into his presence with thanksgiving.” The psalmist also tells us, “It is good to give thanks to the Lord” (Ps. 92:1). As we approach the Thanksgiving holiday this year, I encourage you to join the Baylor Family in pausing from the busy pace of our lives to create space for prayerfully lifting up our hearts to the Lord with gratitude and gladness.

Practicing gratitude is important both to our individual well-being and to building community among those with whom we live and work. Openly and joyfully expressing our gratitude to God is one of the great privileges Baylor University enjoys as an academic institution with a steadfast commitment to our Christian faith.

We do indeed have much to be thankful for! God has abundantly blessed Baylor during this past year as we have pursued our mission of educating men and women for worldwide leadership and service. From our ongoing status as an “R1” research university to the growth of our endowment funds dedicated to student scholarships and academic chairs and professorships, we have achieved remarkable benchmarks of excellence in higher education.

Each of our accomplishments, of course, begins with those who call Baylor home. Our students form the heart of the University, bringing their passion, diversity, and fellowship to campus. Our faculty and staff continue to demonstrate their commitment to our students’ development and well-being, while also excelling in their disciplines. And we are all lifted up by the spirit and gifts of the Baylor Family. Such support from alumni, parents, and friends of the University has been an inexhaustible source of strength for Baylor – for which I am deeply grateful.  

Thanksgiving, of course, is full of family gatherings, good food, and fellowship. It is a time of wonderful togetherness. This year, let the holiday also be a time of intentionally sharing words of gratitude for the persons and opportunities that have brought joy into your life.

Finally, as we gather to celebrate Thanksgiving, let us remember to celebrate the greatest gift of all – salvation through the Lord Jesus Christ.


Linda A. Livingstone, Ph.D.