A Wonderful First Week

June 9, 2017

Dear Faculty, Staff and Students,

Thank you for the warm welcome to campus this week. What a remarkable experience to return to Baylor and encounter the same spirit of collegiality and care amongst the faculty, staff and students that I remember from my time here so many years ago. I have also enjoyed exploring the new facilities and green spaces that have been added to the campus landscape while I was away. God has richly blessed Baylor and I am grateful for the opportunity to lead the University at this time in its history.

Earlier this week, my interactions on campus were captured on video, and I wanted to share this special time with all of you. As we move through this transition, I hope to share more with you about my commitment to Baylor and its mission, as well as the things I'm learning from you about what we do well and where we have unrealized strengths and opportunities. We will collect these insights on www.baylor.edu/meetpresidentlivingstone.

I also have been blessed by the new students and their parents who have been on campus this week for Orientation. Their excitement and sense of hope for their futures is simply inspiring. They will return in August to begin new friendships, take the first steps on their academic journeys and meet extraordinary mentors who will inspire them inside and outside the classroom. Additional Orientation sessions will be taking place throughout the month of June. As you meet these families on campus, please join me in sharing a word of welcome and encouragement (and I’m sure they would appreciate some help navigating campus as well!).

Thank you again for a wonderful first week,

Linda A. Livingstone, Ph.D.