A Capable Title IX Office

October 4, 2016

Dear Students, Faculty and Staff,

You have likely heard the news that Title IX Coordinator Patty Crawford has resigned from Baylor University. Our efforts – and our clear commitment – have been focused on ensuring the University has the processes, policies, personnel, organization and training in place to provide education to prevent acts of sexual violence and to respond appropriately and with compassion to those who suffer from such acts.

The University has invested substantial resources to expand and support the Title IX Office and will continue to do so. The staff are equipped and fully available to assist those who make the brave decision to report an incident of sexual violence. Despite this recent personnel change, the office continues to have a capable, professional team to do its work.

We recognize our responsibility is to seek to prevent sexual assault and to respond with professional care for those who have been affected by it. I want you to be assured that our commitment remains resolute as we strive to cultivate a Christian community of care and respect for others.


David E. Garland
Interim President