President Livingstone's Statement on Racism and Violence

May 29, 2020

My heart is broken as I join with our Baylor students, faculty, staff and alumni in deep grief and prayer over the pain, fear, anger and injustice caused by disturbing events of racism and violence in our nation. As a Christian university, we are called to offer the grace and peace of Christ to others. These continued heartbreaking acts emphasize the great need for all of us to come together as a people, deepen our capacity for compassion and meaningfully address the systemic issues that allow them to happen again and again. Today, I joined my Big 12 Conference colleagues in releasing a statement underscoring the Big 12’s core commitment of “fostering a culture of inclusivity and respect in our campus communities” and how “acts of racism and violence, no matter their origin or target, contradict this core commitment.” Baylor stands with our fellow Big 12 universities in this shared commitment and in the call for “all Americans to join together in addressing matters of racism and injustice in a united, meaningful way.”

Statement by The Big 12 Conference Board of Directors